Television is something that we take for granted – it is almost like an additional family member, occupying its place in the living-room, part of everyday life. But all it takes is a brief power failure for us to feel the emptiness and silence of its absence. DSTV INSTALLATION Johannesburg  is essential to modern life – a source of entertainment, recreation, information, and often inspiration.

With due respect to the national broadcaster, the variety and quality of channels offered by DSTV is incomparable. In your domestic setting, your family will be spoiled for choice by the enormous range of channels, appealing to all tastes, interests and age-groups. In a commercial situation, it is highly desirable to have access to DSTV INSTALLATION Johannesburg  on your business premises, providing necessary information as well as entertainment to employees and clients. And there are institutions such as schools where a DSTV installation can provide invaluable service and greatly enhance the experience of all involved.

Digital satellite television is created when a broadcast centre broadcasts a digital signal to a geostationary satellite, an earth-orbiting satellite placed at an altitude of approximately 35000km directly above the Equator, which revolves in the same direction as that in which the earth rotates, west to east. This satellite sends a signal back to earth, and this is picked up by your satellite dish, converted to a television picture by a receiver, and then displayed on your television screen.

So your satellite dish acts as a collector and reflector, collecting the signal and reflecting it to a feedhorn, which in turn sends the signal to the LNB, the “arm” you see mounted on your satellite dish. This amplifies the signal and converts it to a frequency suitable for transmission by a cable, known as an IFL, which transmits the signal to the satellite receiver which then sends it to your television set. Satellite television is encoded digitally, so the broadcaster can offer multiple television channels using the same amount of satellite bandwidth.

Obviously this sophisticated and complicated technology requires expert installation. We are a satellite television installation company which can offer you installations, repairs and upgrades, configuration and tuning of DSTV, as well as advice on choosing the correct television equipment to suit your unique needs, whether domestic or commercial. We sell and distribute all the necessary equipment, dishes, decoders, switches and signal meters, aerials and antennas, to set up your DSTV system reliably and efficiently.

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