About Us

DSTV Installers Johannesburg

The most professional DSTV installers in the city of Johannesburg

DSTV Installers Johannesburg started as a company that wanted to offer our customer a high standard of DSTV services and products that would ensure that our company is recognized firstly as a professional company.

It was very important for us from the onset of the company to create a reputation that will be associated with the larger more recognized companies in the world and as a local Johannesburg company this vision has set the stage for us.

Professional DSTV Installations

DSTV Installers Johannesburg has always our customers first as this was the first level of creating a professional company that people would look up to and know that it is based on work ethics and quality workmanship.

Why choose to work with us:

  • Same Day DSTV Installations:- Part of our services is to ensure that we do not waste our customers time and provide you with the services you need when you need them and that is why we always make sure to install your DSTV within a few hours.
  • Affordable Installations:- At DSTV Installers Johannesburg ¬†we have set our prices to be competitive and set us apart in the market based on the long period of workmanship guarantee we provide.
  • Customer Support:- Our customer support call center is always on standby to take your call. No matter what kind of issues you are facing with your DSTV, don’t be shy to call us and we will do what we can to help you out and save you money.

DSTV Installers Johannesburg specializes in the following types of installations:

  • Explora Decoders
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Standard Decoders
  • DSTV Troubleshooting and 24/7 Support

DSTV Installers Johannesburg is your affordable DSTV installation company that always keeps things professional. Call us today to get started with your DSTV installation.