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Laudium PACT Group Members

Pretoria PACT

Father Donal in Pretoria

Fr Donal with two Pretoria PACT members


Pretoria PACT Members


Fr Donal and Ornela with Parow PACT Members

Parow PACT Members on an AVP course

Learning to trust. Parow AVP course 


Fr Donal taking Damietta into Africa

Fr Donal presenting Damietta to Franciscans in Pretoria 

Workshop for Pretoria and Lady Selbourne PACT

Workshop for Pretoria and Lady Selbourne PACTS done by Dr Wagner and Students form Pretoria Universtity 

Workshop for Pretoria and Lady Selbourne PACTs

Group Photo of Worshop for Lady Selbourne and Pretoria PACTs 

Group photo with PACT Grups from the Workshop

Group Photo of the La Verna Training day

Eucharist at the LA Verna Training Day 

Fr Donal discussing the day with LAnce and OFM Brother

OFM Brothers at La Verna Training

OFM Br Doing a report back on there discussion 

Sisters in small group sharing

Sisters in small group sharing 
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