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Photo Gallery - International Office


Fr Donal and Lance at the Muslim Symposium Held at the Johannesburg University in South Africa 

Fr Donal presenting Damietta to an Intenational Gathering of AVP in Johannesburg South Africa

Sr Lilian and Fr Donal at the Muslim Symposium

Sr Lilian attending lectures at the Muslim Symposium 

Rollo Granville, his wife Inkie and Lance

Fr Donal, Sr Lilian and some of the AIDS orphans of Mpumalanga fed by Rollo Granville

FMM sister, Fr Donal and some of the children fed by their feeding scheme 

Some of Rollo's workers, distributing food to AIDS orphans in Mpumalanga

Rollo and some of the careworkers who help distribute food 


Fr Donal, Adnan, Saadeth and Sr Lilian at the Interfaith Foundation Trust


The Turkish Meal


Mr John Shiels from the IMRS



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