The vision of the Damietta Initiative is to have an African Continent that is
non-violent, tolerant, conciliatory, respectful towards all creatures, and environmentally sustainable.

It respects the dignity of difference while revitalizing the spiritual search for values that will enable it to shape multiple “dialogues of a civilization” and non-violent alternatives to prophecies of impending clashes.

The formation of multiple Pan-African Conciliation Teams (PACT) whose specific peacemaking skills will include training others in peacebuilding roles and strategies and environmental respect.

To provide ‘conflict transformation’ experiences geared, in the first place, to the restoration of relationships between peoples rather than dissecting the material content of conflicts. 
To awaken religious imagination among peoples in Africa to think of a future culture of peace permeating the continent. In this vision of Africa, every church, every mosque, every synagogue, every temple and other sites of worship will be dedicated to the embodiment of nonviolence in terms of tolerance, reconciliation and respect for


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