Damietta Peace Initiative is a pro-active Franciscan Peace Enterprise whose mission is to build up in Africa – at local and national levels - the theory and practice of nonviolence, reconciliation and care for creation.
In response to this mission, the Damietta Initiative will activate the twelve thousand members of the religious family throughout different regions in Africa. This has the full backing from the combined leadership at the highest level.
The task of the Franciscan family network in Africa, whether priests, sisters, brothers or lay, is to be ‘a bridge’ or entry point for the Damietta Initiative to connect into local neighbourhoods. Teams will be formed in the local communities, drawn from mixed religious and ethnic background, who will then be trained in the methods of nonviolence, reconciliation and care for creation, assisted by different ecumenical peace education groups.

The teams, known as
Pan-African Conciliation Teams, (PACT) will learn how to monitor tensions and
conflicts by way of social analysis and to intervene before conflict spills over into violence.

By their presence, PACT will act as a taproot for peace in the local area, by giving witness to ethnic and religious disputants that cohesive living is possible - a precondition in Africa today for the optimum use of foreign social and economic aid.

The Franciscans in Africa

Please note:
These figures only represent the number of Capuchins and OFM’s.
 We are currently determining the numbers of Conventuals, Franciscan Sisters and SFO’s.rc toys

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