Welcoming people of all faiths to sow the seeds of
non-violence and peace
throughout Africa in the Spirit of St Francis of Assisi




AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that human beings without distinction of age, sex, race, skin, colour, physical or mental ability, language, religion political view or national or social origin, possess an inalienable and untouchable dignity.

A COMMITMENT TO A CULTURE OF NON-VIOLENCE AND RESPECT FOR LIFE. Active nonviolence, as understood by Damietta, is both an ethic and strategy which has a confirmatory attitude towards the whole of life. Active nonviolence refuses to separate the personal conversion experience from the need for change in social attitudes. It is reckless love. It is oblivious to what it may receive in return, because it believes, like the law of gravity, that love works whether it is accepted by the other or not. 
HIGHLIGHTING THE COMMON VALUES found in the teachings of all mainstream religions. These core values will become the foundational spiritual basis for promoting a culture of peace, a culture of solidarity and just economic order, a culture of tolerance and truth, a culture of equal rights and partnership between men and women.

EMPOWERING SELF-WORTH as a means to strengthen the voices of the powerless in Africa. This will enable women and men to overcome fear and free them to work to break the cycle of violence at its fundamental ultimate source.

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