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non-violence and peace
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News from DPI Nigeria
Congo/ Russia is a predominantly Christian community, while Nassarawa is predominately Muslim community. The two communities are among the most affected by the January 2010 crisis in Jos and since the crisis they donít interact anymore; neither community goes to the other due to the fears, mistrust, hurts, disappoints, anxieties. - 4 January 2011
Due to the many crises in Jos, we are experiencing polarisation of our communities. We are concerned for our childrenís inability to relate and mix with children of different ethnic and religious background. We feel these divides will only feed the present fear, mistrust and prejudices. Therefore, DPI Jos took it as a challenge to pilot a programme for children. - 13 September 2010
After our meeting at Congo Russia, Gangare community in Jos invited us (DPI) to a sensitisation meeting in their community. Shumsudeen, who is from that community, and have attended some of our programmes, introduced us and explained DPI activities in promoting peace and building good relationships in Jos and environs. He cited examples with Nassarawa, Dadin Kowa, Angwan Rogo, as some of the communities in Jos were DPI activities have taken root. - 19 July 2010
- 7 April 2010
- 7 August 2009
- 7 August 2009
DPI Nigeria held a workshop for PACT-Enablers at Dadin Kowa between 5th - 6th June 2009. - 24 June 2009
PACT-Enablers from around Jos met at the Pastoral Centre in that city for a meeting on 17th May 2009. - 26 May 2009
Sister Helena McEvilly FMDM met with two hundred women in Jos, Nigeria, to speak about peace. - 26 May 2009
DPI Nigeria organised a football tournament for the youth of Jos, with teams comprised of Muslims and Christians as a way of building bridges between these two faiths. - 21 May 2009

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