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Damietta International Office in Pretoria visits Kenya from the 5th to the 13th May 2012

29 May 2012

Trip to Kenya

Irene Thomas and Roland Wagner from the DPI International Office in Pretoria undertook a visit to Kenya from the 5th to the 13th May 2012 in order to assist the DPI Nairobi office in streamlining their work and communication processes as well as to audit the financial aspects of their business.  The secondary reason of the visit was to meet Pact groups, and interact with these groups face-to-face, allowing for the opportunity to be introduced to the fieldworkers and, Pact enablers and the group members themselves and that these members were introduced to the DPI international office.  The meetings with the Pact members was important to the DPI international office as they permitted time for questions and general comments of the Pact members experiences of their Pact activities.

The visit took place from the 5th to the 13th May 2012.  Irene and Roland departed Johannesburg on Saturday the 5th May at 8h30 in the morning and arrived in Nairobi Kenya at approximately 14h30 (there is a one hour difference – Kenya is one hour ahead of South Africa).

On arrival, Irene and Roland were greeted by Fr Godfrey Odunga, Ms Petronella Munyao and Br Arnold Shirima, and were driven in a mini bus to the Franciscan Family Centre, Portiuncula where we met with Sr Lilian Curaming who resides there.  This was where Irene and Roland stayed and the home base the duration of their visit to Kenya. 

With regards to the work that needed to be prepared, it was decided that Roland accompanied Fr Godfrey on a trip to visit Pact groups in Mombasa (approximately 600 Km from Nairobi) and that Irene remained in Nairobi to focus on the finance and process audits (it was originally planned for both Irene and Roland to travel to Mombasa).  This would save time, and in doing so a thorough investigation into the finances and processes was conducted by Irene, while Roland focused on meeting various Pact’s and gaining better understanding of communication and M&E processes.

Much was achieved during their visit, and assistance was provided for in allowing the Nairobi office to operate more effectively.  It was also a good opportunity for discussion and interaction with both the Kenya DPI staff and the Pact groups.  Overall the trip was successful, in that it met its objectives. 


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