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Leadership Workshop Johannesburg

22 May 2012

From May 18-20, 2012, Mr Roland Wagner and Mr Lance Thomas conducted a leadership workshop for PACT members from Johannesburg. The workshop was possitively experienced by all who participated. One very robust leader from a PACT looking at drama and art in motivating youth to live more constructive lives, indicated that he has finally found what he was searching for his whole life. He indicated that we will have his full support for as long as we wanted it. He is a refugee from the Kenyan post-election violence of 2007, and now finds himself in South Africa. He claimed that God has lead him, through his negative experiences, to be part of DPI here in South Africa so that he could find meaning in his life. Another participant was so inspired that she wrote a poem of her experience at the workshop called, TODAY I FOUND ME. We have posted this very inspiring poem on our facebook page (Damietta Peace Initiative)  and I will include it here.


Today I Found Me

Darkness has held me captive in its owns comfort

And left me with nothing but bitterness to swallow

I have mirrored evil with goodness

And crown that very beast of shadow my queen

That kept me a loyal soilder of self hatred

Blaming everything to forces unknown

Today I Found Me

In shackles of confusion

That made me loath my blind journey

And made me want to rebel against system

That raped and bruised my identity

My scared soul yearns for revenge

To hold a raffle to destroy that stole my birth right SA

Today I Found Me

In searching faces for commoness

I have seen many faces of hatred

The worst my own

That nearly made me lose Humanity

And envy evil

For bitterness swallowed me

Today I found Me

When I walked into Goodness

Love redeemed the impossible

knowledge my only blanket of wisdom

In fragile despair

I Discovered Me

Lerato Makhate


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