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1 August 2011

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Children Program



Conflict in Africa have not only killed millions of People, but have also destroyed the land and natural environment. Centuries-old well-conceived water and irrigation systems have been destroyed; almost 50% of drinking water is contaminated; and people, especially in urban areas, are exposed to many of the worst toxic and carcinogenic air pollutants known.                                                                                    

DPI/Caritas Pretoria believes that a big part of our educational investment must address the issue of teaching children that awareness of and concern for the environment is crucial in the re-establishment of our Peaceful society.

Designed by a leading Pretoria DPI/Caritas project on environmental issues, our Environmental Education Program will help children understand their unique relationship with the natural world; how actions they take in their life affect the environment; and how the environment itself affects their lives as adults and future generations.

Our program exposes Pretoria children members of our kids Pact to key environmental concepts and teaches environmental responsibility. Our Green Rooms at each participating clubs provide an ideal learning environment where facilitator can engage children in hands-on environmental projects; provide local eco-walks where they learn to identify local environmental problems as well as practical ways to resolve them.

One of  DPI/Caritas Pretoria ‘s long-terms goals is to educate young people who will be able to influence environmental activities that will help protect the community, country and continental ’s forests, wildlife, air, and waterways.


To enable children realize that a pollution free environment and Caring for creation is important for Peace 

Materials Required

A space apart from the rest of our meeting place in order to give the Children the liberty to raise their voices and experience different types of Creature:


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