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13 September 2010

Children and Values Workshop







VENUE: DPI office, Jos.



Due to the many crises in Jos, we are experiencing polarisation of our communities. We are concerned for our children’s inability to relate and mix with children of different ethnic and religious background. We feel these divides will only feed the present fear, mistrust and prejudices. Therefore, DPI Jos took it as a challenge to pilot a programme for children.



The aim of the workshop was:-



1)      To help children to begin to dialogue with each other about their common values and to appreciate each other.



2)      To help children to appreciate each others’ differences and still be good neighbours and friends.



3)      To encourage children to reach out in small ways with each other; to help reduce fear and discrimination.



4)      When the children return home they will share their experiences with their parents/guardians and create further awareness of the dangers of polarisation.



The workshop commenced at 10:30am,breguet replica watches with two of the children saying the opening prayer a Muslim and Christian. This was followed by a general introduction. We formed a circle and a flower was kept in the middle. The children came into the circle, picked the flower, said his name/her name and mentioned one thing that makes him/her happy and why. Some of the things they mentioned included: being with their parent makes them happy, while others said flower makes them happy, one said rain makes him happy, someone said praying makes him happy etc.



We then had a fun song (Jack in the pot, a sing and act song), to lighten the mood of the children. Gaius, a PACT Enabler and Sr. Christiana FMDM, opened the floor for the children and some of them tried it.



We sat on mats on the floor. Gaius explained to the children the purpose of the gathering. He explained that the purpose of the workshop was to train the children about values. He explained values as those things we hold in our lives that are very important and we want to be recognised with these things, whether in words or in actions. He then asked the children to mention some of those things they regard in their lives as very important and want to be identified with.



They mentioned values such as love one another, showing kindness, helping one another, praying for one another, sharing, avoid fighting, cheating, beating others, cursing others. Etc.



After the discussion, we all learned a peace song.



“Peace is a flower, reaching toward the sky. Peace just like a flower, with everlasting love peace will never die. Let’s come together, let’s dance together, let’s smile together, with one love peace will never die.”



We divided the children into two groups, based on their age. Sr. Nora FMDM, helped designed a simple rainbow on a plain paper (A4) and we wrote the seven (7) values in each of the arch’s for the children to trace it with black crayon and using crayons, they shaded with a different colour; each of the colours representing a value. 



Those who could not write, we wrote the values in a dot dot style for them to trace, and those that could write, we allowed to write it themselves.



On the same sheet of paper, there was also a flower; with (7) petals each representing a value for them to shade with seven (7) different colour. (The values on the flower were the same as on the rainbow).



After shading each rainbow arch and one petal of the flower with the same colour, we then stopped painting and took some few minutes to discuss the value in the rainbow arch and the flower. This was the period where we tried to make sure they learned about the value.



After they have shaded all, we came together in one group, and the children shared what they learned about the values and how they can apply it in their lives.



Sr. Nora FMDM, who assisted us in training the older children, encouraged the children to put into practice the values at home with their parents, sister and brothers and in school with friends. The rainbow represents the symbol of hope.



The values included:-



VALUES                                                                                               RAINBOW COLORS



Ø  Making friends                                                                                                Red



Ø  Saying “I am sorry”                                                                                         Orange



Ø  Listening and learning                                                                                                Yellow



Ø  Sharing                                                                                                            Green



Ø  Honesty and truth                                                                                          blue



Ø  Helping                                                                                                            Indigo



Ø  Celebrating.                                                                                                    Violet.



Those present at the workshop include Sr. Helena, Sr. Nora, Sr. Christiana, Mallama Hajara, Josephine, Gloria and Gaius.



36 children were in attendance. 




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