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Rouxville PACT Member Starts Own Youth Group Looking at Diversity

8 February 2010

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Rouxville PACT Member Starts Own Youth Group Looking at Diversity:

During the Rouxville PACT on 9th August, a member of the group, Mr Fred Owomugisha, told Lance that he had started a youth group to look at the needs of the community. Here is a brief summary of this newly formed group’s work: “South Africa saw the worst moment of its 15 years of independence in May, 2008. No-one knows what was in the minds of whoever took part in this terrible act that saw a number of people dead and thousands made homeless. After more than a year, the consequences of this act have remained, not only in the minds of those who experienced this bitter horror, but also on the streets of our big cities, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, to name but a few. People are living and sleeping on the streets as never before and one wonders how they managed to go through the cold winter that has just passed. As you walk around the city you see a number of women with small kids. The question is, where do we go from here?

 An alternative group of young people believe in making a difference. We are 35 youths from different backgrounds and our goal is to promote unity between people through reciprocal love. We come from different countries: Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Eritrea, Nigeria, Lesotho, Botswana, Rwanda, Congo, Cameroon, and a majority of us are South Africans. We want to see change, a world that knows no hate, a world that promotes universal brotherhood. But we do understand that achieving this rather complicated goal begins with each individual. A few months ago, we decided to open a soup service on Sunday mornings, once a month. We serve soup to hundreds of people living on the streets of Johannesburg. Each of us contributes whatever he/she has, to always bring a smile to our brothers on the street. It’s not always easy because some of the members have no jobs, and it’s said that you cannot give what you don’t have. But by sharing our goods, little by little, we manage to serve soup to them. We are open to any contributions and whatever support there may be. Not only do we serve soup but we also have fun moments among ourselves as well, getting to know each other better and developing together with a positive vision. You are most welcome to join us or support our activities, where possible.”

 Any communication can be received by Fred O., Youth for a United World.




Telephone: 0738237556; email: fredtums@gmail.com.





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