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Damietta youngest donor strikes again

1 September 2009

Damietta youngest donor strikes again.


Clodagh Johnson—McEvoy is a very special little girl. Her mother is the lawyer for ‘Africa Calls Today’, the American organization working in the United States for the promotion of Damietta Peace Initiative. Clodagh, who is five years old, presented Father Donal with $ 15.00. This she said was to go to help the people in Africa. Her mother explained that Clodagh had been saving her pocket money  to give it to omega replica Father Donal. Her biggest wish she expressed to Father Donal was to come to Africa when she is older to help the people of Africa. DPI wishes to thank Clodagh for her generous and kind donation.

You are indeed a great inspiration to us all and we look forward to the day that you visit Africa and all of us here at Damietta.







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