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Rustenburg - 8 August 2009

14 August 2009

Rustenburg Meeting - 8 August 2009


On the said above date Martin and Neliswa travelled to Rustenburg to meet with Fr. Pius to try and get contacts in that area. Rustenburg is under the North West Province and DPI/CSA has not held any workshops in this Province.  Fr. Pius from Nigeria is a Missionary who has been in Rustenburg for the past six years.

Their meeting with him was very humbling and productive, in that he seemed eager to work with DPI/CSA as he had heard about it but did not really understand its work. Martin and INeliswa then presented DPI to him and he assured them that he was going to help  in that area. He however regretted that he wouldn’t be as fully committed to the organization because of numerous tasks, commitments and obligations. He is in charge of five Parishes and the Diocese extends towards the Botswana border. He referred them to two young people from his youth groups whom he said would be able to work and assist DPI in Rustenburg.

One of these young people is Kenny S’khosana who works for Justice and Peace, is a youth leader and has had extensive training whilst working for Justice and Peace.

Fr. Pius stated that DPI/CSA would be of immense assistance to Rustenburg because the area was a mining town with various foreign nationals working in the mines as well as locals from other Provinces such as the Eastern Province. Some of the problems that contribute towards conflicts in the area were stated by Fr. Pius as follows;

·         RDP houses,(locals from the area want first preference).

·         Xenophobia.

·         Populated mining community, (miners from all over the SADC region).

·         Alcohol.

·         Unemployment.

·         Politics.

·         Chrome/Platinum.

Suggestions were made after this meeting that DPI/CSA would use the two young people as contact persons for the area, and that the DPI/CSA workshops were greatly needed because issues of violence are rife in Rustenburg. Fr. Pius further suggested that if the programme is to be introduced in Rustenburg, it has to be sustained because similar organizations have fallen on the way side. He also cautioned that people in Rustenburg take time to get involved in new adventures or programmes; hence we should not be discouraged if they are not as keen on the programme.


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