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The Unique You

7 August 2009

The Unique You

The Unique You

A peace building and Inter – Religious Seminar was hosted by Damietta Peace Initiative (DPI) in Nigeria. A total of 221 people attended the seminar, 128 Christians, 93 Muslims, 16 Pastors, 11 Imams and 7 district chiefs, teachers from various primary and secondary schools and students from some secondary schools (3-4 students from each school, but over 30 students from one Muslim school).

The topics that were discussed included, Religion and violence, does a relationship exist? There were discussions and clarification of terms used by both religions amidst a trusting atmosphere where each could ask the other questions about their beliefs and practices.

The teachers realised that in teaching social studies they sometimes fail to teach the truth of the others religion and practices.

Religious pluralism was addressed by a well recognised Muslim scholar and there was a rich informative discussion inviting all to realise that we need one another. He clarified terms used by Muslims e.g. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheemv – “In the name of God Most gracious, most merciful”. After much discussion and reflection on whom the perpetrators of violence are, we came to the conclusion that often it is our uneducated and unemployed youth. Where are the sons of the rich when violence starts?

The values of DPI were discussed; all felt that something could be done in the communities and schools to start PACT groups. People felt they wanted to go back to and reactivate old meeting groups.

There were any positive and inspiring comments at the end of the session e.g. “DPI should please take this message to schools, government, ministries, media, houses etc”, “it is really wonderful listening to DPI staff, I know what to think of my Christian brothers.” “DPI has enlightened my understanding.” “I believe DPI can have the desired impact we all long for”.





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