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Meeting with Marketers

7 August 2009


KABONG – 24th June 2009

The meeting was held in a school which was used as the counting centre for Jos North Local Government elections. This place was the triggering point for the November 2008 Jos crisis. 44 men and women, Muslim and Christian, came together for the first time since the crisis to talk about what had happened and to think about ways of preventing this kind of reaction in the future.

People shared how they used to visit each other before, but now it is a different story. They would like to be able to do it again. We discussed the concept of DPI and all were very pleased. They felt they could organize themselves, around their market groups to begin to do something. The organizers of the Market were present and are very respected by the market community. Austin, the enabler for this area, will meet with the PRO of the markets and begin to work out how to organize the groups. They were very pleased to have had the forum come together and be able to feel free to share their thoughts and feelings about the crisis. They all felt this is something that can work in their area.






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