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PACT – Enabler’s workshop for Chiro leaders in Ga-Rankuwa.

7 August 2009

9 - 11 July 2009

As part of our response to xenophobia, DPI together with Caritas South Africa (Siyabhabha Trust) organized a PACT – Enabler’s workshop for Chiro leaders in Ga-Rankuwa. Chiro is a Youth Movement based in the Catholic Church. The group consisted of 30 Chiro youth leaders from both Gauteng and Northwest Province. When we started the workshop one young leader stood up and said that if we are there to make him change his mind on refugees he would not, as his community had big problems with refugees.

At the end of the workshop he publicly told the group that he had changed and would go back to his community to seek integration. Another young man wrote in his report on the workshop “My opinion on “refugees” has really taken a turn around thanks to hearing Martin’s story. I now understand why certain things happen and that I as an individual can play an important part in making the place I live in much better.”  This sentiment was expressed by many in the group. We thank the Chiro leaders for their forthrightness and honesty throughout the workshop. It took lots of courage for them to be honest.




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