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Rongai Youth PACT members visit orphans

22 June 2009

Rongai Youth PACT members visit orphans

Rongai Youth PACT members with some of the orphans they visited. 

The Rongai Youth PACT visited a local orphanage on 23rd May 2009. At this place, over sixty orphaned children are cared for by a local church organization which brings together destitute, street children, HIV/AIDs victims, abandoned children and others. However, the organization is unable to meet all the needs of the orphans. 

Thus, the Youth PACT members collected food stuffs, clothing and money for the children. They also joined them to play and dance,replica watches giving them care and love.

Youth PACT members dance with some of the orphans they visited.

Visiting the orphans has assisted the Rongai Youth PACT improve its morale and has created a sense of team spirit. 

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