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Jos PACT-Enablers meet

26 May 2009

Jos PACT-Enablers meet

Sister Helena McEvilly FMDM shared the following report on a recent PACT-Enablers’ meeting in Jos:

Sister Helena McEvilly FMDM, DPI Nigeria Country Coordinating Team, with PACT-Enablers at the 17th May 2009 meeting.

On a very wet afternoon on the 17th May 2009, fifteen PACT-Enablers and members of the DPI Nigeria Coordinating Team met at the Pastoral Centre, Jos, Nigeria, to share their experiences.

During the meeting, participants shared on what they had been doing since they had last met, with many recalling how they had met with other PACT-Enablers and members of communities.

It was noted that both the Muslim and Christian youth had organized a seminar for themselves thus creating a forum to meet and talk together. Their gathering was successful with various papers presented with a lot of open and frank communication.

One of the PACT-Enablers, Pankshin, shared how there was a lot of tension in their area about 2 months ago, the PACT-Enablers from that area, got together and mobilized the people to prevent any problem arising there.

The recent and successful football tournament, Harmonious kicks, was also shared upon, with some feeling disappointed that their areas had not been included, however it was explained that it was deliberately kept small for the first attempt and links were made with the enablers from certain areas for future planning.

There was a general positive feeling among the group that things are beginning to happen.

Sister Helena gave out information on Franciscan values, Interfaith relations, characteristic of DPI, the role of the PACT-Enabler, and a simple copy of the various relevant stories of Saint Francis of Assisi. In doing this, Sr Helena hoped to encourage the group to remain focused on what DPI aims to achieve, and to continue to stay focused on values. Additionally, these resources will give PACT-Enablers something to work with as they meet in small groups.

A follow-up meeting will be held in two months time. 

Father Oscar Pam (third from left), DPI Nigeria Country Coordinating Team during the PACT-Enablers' meeting.

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