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Update on Rongai Youth PACT, Nairobi

11 May 2009

Update on Rongai Youth PACT, Nairobi


Brother Benedict Ayodi OFM Cap, DPI Kenya Country Coordinator, reports that the Rongai Youth PACT in Nairobi has been deteriorating in both its meetings and activities, being reduced from 60 to 15 youths. The reasons for the decline are many, but principally, Br. Benedict notes both a loss of focus and morale, as well as the frequent movements of the young people. 

To remedy the situation, Br. Benedict and the Rongai Youth-PACT-Enabler Br. Michael visited the PACT to resuscitate it. With the PACT they have developed a three month action plan to guide the group. Additionally, this PACT has received both a new PACT-Enabler and secretary. Following the meeting, the group has shown signs of improvement.

The new life was visible on 25th April 2009, when the Youth PACT spent a day collecting refuse in their neighborhood. This activity drew attention of the people living in the area prompting some of them to join PACT members in collecting litter. 

Additionally, the coming together of the youths from different faiths impressed many and served to spread the DPI mission of peace, reconciliation and care for creation within Rongai. The area chief also commended and thanked the group for its initiative.

DPI International Office continues to both encourage and support DPI Kenya in their activities. They are a true model for the rest of DPI.

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