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Congratulations Archbishop Daniel

30 April 2009

Congratulations Archbishop Daniel


His Grace, the Most Rev. George Francis Daniel, D.D.
Archbishop emeritus of Pretoria & Patron of the Damietta Peace Initiative

The Damietta Peace Initiative expresses heartfelt congratulations to our patron, His Grace, the Most Rev. George Francis Daniel, D.D., Archbishop emeritus of Pretoria, on his reception of an honorary Doctorate from the University of South Africa.

According to the University of South Africa:

"The degree of Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (honoris causa) was
conferred on George Francis Daniel, former Archbishop of Pretoria, for his long-term commitment to justice and peace, his work in the field of ecumenism and for spending his life in the service of humanity.

"Ordained Archbishop of Pretoria on 3 August 1975, one of the first tasks he undertook was to implement the racial integration of the seminaries. This was in line with his continuous commitment to a just society at a time of opposition and severe curtailment of human rights. This dedication to justice is also evident in the Archbishop’s negotiations with the then Transvaal Education Department to open Catholic schools to all races. Once again, this endeavour was based on his adherence to the message of peace and reconciliation as proclaimed in the Gospel. In addition, Archbishop Daniel is committed to ministering to those in prison. Already, as a young priest, this was a vital area of service.

"Of paramount importance to the Archbishop is his dedication to ecumenical dialogue. He served on the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity for 18 years, during which time he attended ten plenary meetings in the Vatican. He has been involved in formal ecumenical dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church of the Province of South Africa, with Pentecostals, Church Unity Commission (Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists), Lutherans and the Dutch Reformed Church. In addition to his ongoing service at board level for numerous organisations, Archbishop Daniel is currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of St Augustine College, Johannesburg, and the Catholic University in South Africa. Archbishop Daniel continues to inspire and to lead many others in the path of openness and catholicity in the true meaning of the word."
(cf. http://www.unisa.ac.za/Default.asp?Cmd=ViewNewsItem&NewsID=1519&Cmd=GetNav&NavID=6)

With the University of South Africa, DPI commends Archbishop Daniel for his lifetime of service to the people of Pretoria, particularly in the advancement of justice, peace, and racial harmony.

Your Grace, may you be blessed with many more ww.mowatches.to/omega-c-13.php years of happy service to your people.



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