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Sr Lilian Curaming and Fr Gilbert Kambo's meetings in the DRC

2 August 2006

Report on Sr Lilian's visit to the DRC: June 2-June21, 2006

  • Sr Lilian was accompanied through the Congo by Fr Gilbert Kambo, who, besides being the Regional co-ordinator of the Damietta Initiative in Congo (DRC) is also Provincial Secretary of the Congolese Capuchins as well as their Guardian to the Provincial House and Secretary of CONCAO (the French speaking African Capuchin association). He is also a practicing Lawyer.
  • First contacts were made with Gemena, Bwamanda, Bobito and Kinshasa
  • We thank the Capuchins of Gemena, Bwamanda and Bobito for making their parishes available

 Gemena: Monday 05th-Tuesday 06th June 2006

  • Used Parish of St Elizabeth
  • The Parish priest Fr Roger Manziza and the local Justice and Peace commision organised the meeting for us
  • It was well attended including protestants and a Muslim delegate  from the Central Mosque in Gemena

  • Later had the opportunity to visit the Central Mosque and meet with the Imam and present the Damietta Initiative

  • Also met with a large SFO group in Gemena

Bwamanda: Thursday 7th June 2006

  • Meeting organised by the Justice and Peace Commission (J&P) with parish priest (p.p.) Fr Jean Ndolo OFM Cap in the parish hall. Had a great turnout despite it being during work hours
  •   Later DI was presented to the Capuchin Brothers of Bwamanda

Bobito: Thursday 8th June 2006

  • Again organised by the J&P with the assistance of Fr Jean Romain Wayawaya OFM Cap p.p. @ St Mary's Church. They were overwhelmed by the response which included 408 students from a local secondary school


  • Sunday 11th June 2006 Fr Gilbert met with the Franciscan Family board to strategise future meetings with its members to promote DI.
    • Also met with around 40 FMM sisters coming from different parts of Kinshasa and presented the Damietta Initiative to them. Significant response from sisters because it is within the FMM orientation

  • Monday 12th -- Met SFO in Gonza Parish.
    • In the evening they had a special dinner at the Capuchins which was attended by 26 persons from 13 nationalities, and included the ambassodors of Belgium and Malta.

  • Wednesday 14th-- Met SFO members of the Kinshasa Region

  • Friday 16th -- Presented the DI to the FMM community of Kimwenza which included 9 enthusiastic novices all eager for the Missions. Kimwenza itself has over 20 religious houses.

  • Wednesday 21st-- Met with Kinshasa Regional Minister of the SFO

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