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non-violence and peace
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A successful 'first contacts' tour in the DRC by Gilbert and Lilian.

28 June 2006
Sr Lilian Curaming, FMM, has returned from a most successful 'first contacts' tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She worked with Fr Gilbert Kambo, OFM Cap., Damietta Initiative's DRC-based Region Co-ordinator, to establish the beginnings of the Damietta Initiative there. During this time they met and held 'initial contact' seminars  with the Franciscan Family and hundreds of lay people of all faiths throughout the DRC. They encountered great enthusiasm for The Damietta Initiative wherever they travelled throughout the DRC. Many Congolese are anxious to form PACT groups before the up-and-coming elections to anticipate and pre-empt any break out of violence before and after the event. (Photos of this 'first contact' tour of Gilbert and Lilian in the DRC are viewable on 'Gallery' page No. 3 of the Damietta website). 
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